Bar Blogging

This is an experiment in live blogging. I wrote this all last night, and today I’m just adding links.

Well, Sara asked me and Anita to go with her to see a performance by a lovely young woman from New Zealand (among other places) who goes by the name of Emma G. She’s been following her for three or four years now. Doors open at 7! In East Austin. Dozen Street. Were we ready? Yes.

Anita’s shirt scared us.

Well, I’m an old hand at these places, since my son used to play at venues such as this back when he was in the indie rock bands. I knew the featured artist would not be on at 7, so we did not hurry to get there.

I’m jaded by Austin venues.

Thus, we had plenty of time to have an amazing dinner at Old Thousand. Yep. You should eat there. There were flavors and vegetables I’d never experienced in the many dishes we tried. Even Taiwanese people like the food! It’s Austin-y Chinese. We were not the oldest people in the room!

You can’t forget this peacock. It keeps Austin weird.

I thought maybe Dozen Street (named because it’s on 12th Street!) would be nicer than it was a couple years ago. Nope. But it is funky. Yes. And we ARE the oldest people here.

Justin singing

The opening acts were just fine singer-songwriter guys, who apparently helped set up the gig for Emma G. Scooter Holliday and Justin Ruttley, if you want to look them up. I could even understand the words. Shocking.

Sara has been a fan for some time.

 It was great to see how happy Emma was to meet Sara in person. This young woman is doing the hard stuff and still smiling. 5.5 week tour with two smelly boys (her words). I know a couple of young men who empathize!

That’s Joey on the left.

We enjoyed meeting Joey, the beat box player. Joey J Drums. That’s how I found out they’re from the DC area. And they like Austin. He’s also a hugger.

The DJ (at keft) is DJ Reality Check. He adds so much to each song. Even though I’m not a huge fan of DJs, I’m feeling better about them after listening to this band and another couple.

Thank goodness they were fantastic. It was not a waste of time. To the contrast, it was fun, even!! We got to blow bubbles! I ended up with bubble juice all over my neck from the guy behind me.

Bubble Bar Sara

Emma is a strong woman, with great humor, and some really empowering songs. She can sing and yell at the same time. I never could even when my voice worked! Definitely Somebody’s Daughter AND a Superhero (song titles). Get her music!! Follow her on Facebook!

The thing is, there are great musicians all over Austin every night doing free shows. It won’t hurt at all to check out some of these spots and support talented people working for very little money. I bought “tickets” to this free show to support them. That’s a neat idea.

Back to nature stuff next, I’m sure! Safe travels to Emma G and the band as they make their way to North Carolina through the rain.

Author: Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall

The person behind The Hermits' Rest blog and many others. I'm a certified Texas Master Naturalist and love the nature of Milam County. I manage technical writers in Austin, help with Hearts Homes and Hands, a personal assistance service, in Cameron, and serve on three nonprofit boards. You may know me from La Leche League, knitting, iNaturalist, or Facebook. I'm interested in ALL of you!

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