Top Posts of 2019

A blogger I enjoy (V, of Millennial Life Crisis), posted her top posts of 2019. I wondered what mine were, so I checked. Here ya go.

Suna’s Top Five Posts of 2019. Go Suna.

What were these about? I’ll share in a bit. But what really interests me is that they aren’t necessarily my most fascinating posts; instead at least the first few are on there because someone else shared them. Thanks, other people!

Bar Blogging: This post from April was me “live blogging” a performance by a young woman named Emma G, who is a friend of my ranch neighbors. Anita and I went with Sara to see her, and had a great time. Someone must have linked to my post from their page, because it keeps getting hits every day or so. it really makes me wonder why it’s gotten MORE popular in recent months.

So, I have fired up the Google Search Console, and when it finishes processing, I’ll let y’all know why this post is so popular.

Book Review: Dignity: I know why this one from June got lots of hits. In addition to being a review of a really interesting book about the underclasses in the US, the author saw my review and tweeted it. I wrote a little bit about it (in one of my posts that got the fewest hits this year, as a matter of fact). I was glad the author enjoyed my review. I hope lots of people are reading it. This is by FAR my most popular book review (usually they get a middling number of hits).

Crisis of Faith – Or Denomination: This is the post from last August where I share that I have decided to not be affiliated with any church or denomination, after many years as a Unitarian Universalist. I think a lot of people who are my UU friends read it and shared it. It turned out a LOT of people were thinking along the same lines. I think I made a good point about why an institutional fixation on political correctness can really alienate people, even those who basically agree with you.

Thrifting for Dollars: My Why: This post (from August as well) is one of the other posts I wrote that I also like a lot. It deals with why I get so much out of my volunteer activities and how important it is for me to get to know fellow volunteers and people in the community who aren’t part of your “tribe” but may have something to teach you. I still firmly believe that if we would all talk to each other more and about each other less, we’d have a much friendlier and less scary society. This one got shared by a lot of people AND a lot of WordPress likes (oddly enough, the other really popular posts were not popular on WordPress).

My shirt is telling you what to do. Hope that isn’t bullying.

Shame and Call-Out Culture: Another post from August that I’m really glad I wrote and that other people read. I was really, really pissed off when I wrote it, and it helped me process my feelings and do something positive with them. That’s the BEST part about blogging, for me. I’m still really annoyed about the impulse to “tattle” on people who screw up in the name of “calling them out,” when all that does is alienate people and not make things better. I am all for eliminating x-ist behaviors and expecting people to treat each other well. Public shame has never been a good way to ensure this occurs. And yes, I believe in being kind. See my shirt.

Hmm, I guess August was a really good month for me! I was full of the angst, and angst makes for popular posts. So does death (three of the next five most popular post were about hurt, sick, or dead dogs, sigh).

What about the Least Popular Posts?

I am not sure what this is my year for, but it’s better than it being someone else’s year, I’ll wager. Or, I would if I was a wagerer, which I’m not.

Well, while V could figure out what her least popular posts were, I had a harder time, because a lot of the posts with few hits were ones from 2018. She just started her blog in 2019, so she didn’t have any of those hangers-on. I’d say the least popular topics, though, are looking at nature, things I reblog from my other blogs, and boring ranch slogs. However, I am fond of those topics, so I’ll keep writing them!

I think if I wanted to blog for popularity, I’d do like V does, and make sure her titles have good keywords in them, and are on topics that interest people of her age bracket. I’m fine, though with my 200 followers (WHAT? I hit 200?). I am happy with nearly 17,000 hits and 10,000 visitors. That makes me feel like I’m part of a community of people who enjoy learning from others, and (I hope) are also willing to share their own thoughts.

I think blogging is good for you. And if you think it’s bragging or shameless self-publicity to share your thoughts, well, then. don’t share yours. I remain humble but lovable, just like Underdog.

Author: Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall

The person behind The Hermits' Rest blog and many others. I'm a certified Texas Master Naturalist and love the nature of Milam County. I manage technical writers in Austin, help with Hearts Homes and Hands, a personal assistance service, in Cameron, and serve on three nonprofit boards. You may know me from La Leche League, knitting, iNaturalist, or Facebook. I'm interested in ALL of you!

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