Animal Tales

This page is where you can find all my cute dog, horse, donkey, and chicken stories. Aww.

Example. Horses and donkey

More to Come

I’m honestly too tired to write. The good news is all animals got vaccinated and Goldie got spayed today. All survived so far. Much tranquilizer was used. Vlassic and Harvey were quite the pains in the butt. Carlton hid. But he was good. Shocking: Alfred let them cut his toenails like a gentleman. That’s all … Continue reading “More to Come”

Stress Relief

Between concerns about family member health and work intensity, I’ve got no blogging brilliance. The heat doesn’t help. It’s getting really dry around here and we’re surrounded by katydids and prairie boopies (grasshoppers). They are everywhere. But, there’s a life and death fight going on that has me fascinated. The garden spiders and one dog … Continue reading “Stress Relief”

Some Horsie Funnies

I’ve been enjoying the stuff the horses and Fiona have been doing lately. They are not being bothered by the heat these days one bit. They have their ways of keeping cool! For one, Dusty hangs out by the water troughs a lot. The fish really like it. I guess they get bits of food … Continue reading “Some Horsie Funnies”

Pain, Worth It

I seem to be dealing with the hurt of my lost friendships by replacing it with physical pain to distract myself. I’m pretty sure I have a stress fracture in my foot, because it didn’t bruise much, but hurts unless I wear supportive shoes. And falling in the hole definitely sprained my second toe on … Continue reading “Pain, Worth It”

Apache Goes to the Big City

I was browsing through my horse material when I saw something that concerned me: Apache’s Coggins certification had recently expired. Oops. Horses that travel need those to ensure they don’t bring a bad disease to other horses. For non-horse folks: A “Coggins” is a blood test that detects antibodies to the disease Equine Infectious Anemia … Continue reading “Apache Goes to the Big City”

Lessons Learned, More Positive

Yesterday’s lessons learned were pretty hard to take, but I’m doing better today, other than being a bit overly warm from outdoor activities, dealing with a sore foot, and realizing I am developing swimming muscles thanks to some sore thighs. I survived five straight hours of work meetings, too, so I feel like a marathoner. … Continue reading “Lessons Learned, More Positive”

Ouch, More Than One Way

The day started with an ouch and ended with a painful long-term one. I was planning to go ride with Sara this morning and ran late, but I had Apache clean and saddled in time. We were walking to the mounting block, which is in the portable round pen. As we entered, the stirrup in … Continue reading “Ouch, More Than One Way”

Harvey, He Loves Babies

Yesterday my friend Mandi visited. She recently gave birth to a tiny boy named Cuyler. Yes, she’s got a 22-year-old son. But also has this surprise gift. We sat and talked with her in the rocking chair that I sat in when my kids were born (which reminds me that I gave birth for the … Continue reading “Harvey, He Loves Babies”

Drew and Sully Do a Show

Today Sara and I took Drew and Sully, the mare she is training while waiting for her to get pregnant, over to Tarrin’s to film the obstacles test for the Q2 Working Horse Central show. We were ready for fun! It went pretty well, other than Sara’s first video failing. Luckily Sully did just as … Continue reading “Drew and Sully Do a Show”

Oh, Let’s Go Back to Fun

I felt a little better today, so I was able to get work done and enjoy my immediate surroundings. I also had some good talks with family, and that always helps. So, let’s see what’s going on with all those projects around here. The tack room (Suna Shack) is moving right along. I love the … Continue reading “Oh, Let’s Go Back to Fun”

Drew Goes to Summer Camp

It isn’t summer yet, but Drew went off to Camp Wild Type yesterday, like a little man. Really, what’s happening is that I’m going out of town later this week, and Sara offered to take care of him most of the time I’m gone, since she has a really healthy pasture someone needs to nosh … Continue reading “Drew Goes to Summer Camp”

Patience Pays Off, with Help

Today Apache and I had our first lesson in a while, since Tarrin is recovering from some surgery that will improve her quality of life, if she survives her convalescent period. That’s hard for an active person! I just brought Apache, since Drew is doing well. This was one educational lesson! Tarrin did great scooting … Continue reading “Patience Pays Off, with Help”

Easter Walk

Much nature has been seen today, which makes for a perfect celebration of rebirth. Kathleen took me out to the woods and pasture to see some trapdoor spider nests (which I didn’t get a picture of). Penney joined us, and she had a lot of fun. We found some really fun things, including lots of … Continue reading “Easter Walk”

A Rare Sighting of Wonder

Yesterday, my friend Mandi dropped by to pick up the baby blanket I finished recently, so her imminent little boy will have a nice warm blanket, perfect for Texas summers. Ha. Well, it will be perfect for cold air-conditioned rooms and draughts. Drafts. Whichever. We spent most of our time over by the horses, because … Continue reading “A Rare Sighting of Wonder”

Horse Home Decor and Spa

What lucky horses I have. Also they are so sweet and good that they deserve to be pampered. Why do they deserve it? Wow they are well behaved. Trixie came today to trim the horses’ hooves. You may recall that when I got Drew he could not even lift his back leg. Today was another … Continue reading “Horse Home Decor and Spa”

More Tack Room Progress

The guys wanted to get all that horse stuff that came with the new trailer so the shipping container it was in can become the new hay loft. The hay needs to get off the trailer it’s on so we can get new hay in case the threatened drought arrives. Well, they didn’t quite understand … Continue reading “More Tack Room Progress”

Ladies Day Out. At Last.

Wow. It’s been a really long time since I did anything with the family. Between COVID and family stresses, I’ve been on my own. So it was a pleasant surprise to have Kathleen coming back. More pleasant was a visit from her daughter-in-law, Moriah, and her baby Oaklynn (recipient of one of my baby blanket … Continue reading “Ladies Day Out. At Last.”


I have to write something to keep my streak of posting ever day up. So! Hey! We found violets at Tarrin’s place during my lesson with Apache. We had to stop and have a moment of excitement. We both love violets. They make me think of my mom. and Apache did great at his lesson. … Continue reading “Hey”

Horse Home but Not Happy

Drew’s stay in the equine ICU was not his idea of a good time. He was in a weird smelling place, though at least he had a buddy there. And oh, the indignity, they made him wear a muzzle that prevented him from eating the shavings on the floor. What’s a hungry boy to do? … Continue reading “Horse Home but Not Happy”

Trail Ride For Us

We had a fun morning today, as Sara and I took our new and improved horses on a trail ride, along with Dusty, who’s not been out for a while, but was ready for fun. Sara’s his-daughter, Rachel, who is visiting this weekend, came with us. They brought Aragorn and saddles over here to get … Continue reading “Trail Ride For Us”

Tack Room, Not Tacky at All

Today our renovation crew had a day off from Anita’s house, so they worked on fixing up a shipping container and a portable shed to be the new Hermits’ Rest hay loft and tack room. It wasn’t the easiest task in the world, but by gosh, the team got it done! Leveling the portable building … Continue reading “Tack Room, Not Tacky at All”

Skunk-tastic Day of Chores

Honest, I was so proud of myself for all the chores I’d accomplished today. House, tack room, trailer, and garage floor, all clean. Horses all fed. I sad down to eat some cereal in mid afternoon. The dogs went nuts. And one of them foolishly went after a skunk. I started the day enjoying my … Continue reading “Skunk-tastic Day of Chores”

Things to Smile About

I’m thinking hard about hard things all day, so indulge me in dwelling on some good things that are going on around here. The chickens are cheering me up. For one, Peeper is proving to be spectacularly gorgeous. Today he was so shiny it didn’t look real. Bruce hasn’t killed him, so I guess they … Continue reading “Things to Smile About”

Outsmarting Equines

You’d think I’d be good at this by now, but I still have trouble getting the horses to eat their own special foods. I solved the problem with the four horses that aren’t mine by giving them all the same thing, one scoop of senior pellets, salt (or garlic+salt when I’m not out), and a … Continue reading “Outsmarting Equines”

Normal Horse Activity

This is exciting! Sara and I rode our horses around our pastures and it was uneventful! Woo! I promised I’d just write about horses for a while. So yep. Aragorn and Apache were good guys and checked out lots of stuff with a minimum of acting up. It wasn’t perfect, but it was way better. … Continue reading “Normal Horse Activity”

Oh My Aching Back

It was a good Sunday, but it did feature a lot of lifting and toting. That’s because Lee and I moved everything from the new horse trailer to the red shipping container. There was also a lot of disgusting stuff in the container that had to be removed. Much of it was mouse droppings from … Continue reading “Oh My Aching Back”

Part 2: Still Don’t Like Unpacking and Still Worried about Drew

There have been developments! There will be more! So, I’ll start with Drew. Once Drew’s trainer started texting me after I posted yesterday, it came back to me that when I picked him up, she’d mentioned that he had a spot that might be an injury or might be “a little sarcoid.” That had slipped … Continue reading “Part 2: Still Don’t Like Unpacking and Still Worried about Drew”

Who’s My Valentine?

Drew’s my Valentine! And Lee. And the relatives. And the dogs. But Drew. I didn’t know they made horses as nice as him. I built a new playground setup near the new round pen with jumps, circles, brush, and the obstacle he doesn’t like for circling. All the horses were so sweet to me and … Continue reading “Who’s My Valentine?”

Chilly Day Opportunity

The weather turned very cold and windy. Sara and I canceled horse fun, so I told my son we could go get some stuff in Temple. First, I took the chance to play with the new phone camera and take artsy dog photos. After that, we went off to the Western-wear store and I got … Continue reading “Chilly Day Opportunity”

Drew Makes Friends

While MY day was full of meetings, driving, and barreling through whatever life threw at me, Drew’s was full of making new friends and going new places. Lucky little guy! My son is learning about horses, and so he groomed Drew for me so I could get straight to horse activities after work. He said, … Continue reading “Drew Makes Friends”

Breathing Fresh Air

What a nice afternoon I’ve had. I finished a big project, so I spent some time baking a fruit crisp with such nasty peaches that I threw in the frozen berries I found in the freezer to rescue it. Then I got to spend some relaxing time with the horses. Apache is still doing well, … Continue reading “Breathing Fresh Air”

Droodles and Canoodles

My heart is full. I was tired from work and hurting from lifting many heavy objects yesterday, so I went for a walk. I hadn’t planned to do much with the horses, because they did a lot yesterday, but I wanted to spend time with them. I spent some comforting time with Apache, then noticed … Continue reading “Droodles and Canoodles”

Sunny Sunday

You know it was a good day when the most stressful thing was trying to fix my Facebook avatar to look less like a hatchet. I think she’s a little better. Most of the day was spent cleaning and organizing things. There was much heavy lifting, according to my back. I had help from my … Continue reading “Sunny Sunday”

Ice Can Be Nice

It’s a glorious day today, with bright sun that cuts through the cool air and makes it a real joy to be outdoors just messing around. All the remaining ice is melting. That’s fun for all. The chicken coop’s north side had been a sheet of ice. I’m glad I got to see some of … Continue reading “Ice Can Be Nice”

Survived the Week

That’s pretty much the highlight of the day, which had some challenges, but nothing insurmountable. Things started out cold, which made me move kind of slow. The heater was having the same problem it had last year when it got really cold, not enough pressure to turn on. So it was a brisk 61 degrees … Continue reading “Survived the Week”

You Are What You Eat

If you ever doubted this old adage, you need to own chickens. Just looking at egg yolks makes it clear how their diet affects them. Check this out. I was enjoying my breakfast of hard-boiled eggs yesterday, I thought the yolk looked funny. There was a lovely orange border around the yellow center. After briefly … Continue reading “You Are What You Eat”

Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

I had it in my head that today I could mess with horses after work. Two things prevent that. One is that it’s rained all day. The other is that I’m feeling wiped out from the weekend. You wouldn’t think just watching a clinic would be so tiring! I think I breathed in a bit … Continue reading “Rain, Rain, You Can Stay”

Taking Time to Smile

Not much time to write, because I was busy working and having fun. I got to check out Anita’s house renovation in progress, and I was surprised to see how pink the bricks are that haven’t been exposed to the elements since the 50s. Her house is going so great, and I’m proud of the … Continue reading “Taking Time to Smile”

In Love with Mr. Robotto

One of the last Pool of Dreams things is to get the robot pool cleaner up and running. Thirty days have passed, so Austin the pool guy came by to hook it up. Lee and I enjoyed watching the robot as it sucked up debris on the floor, then climbed up the walls , turning … Continue reading “In Love with Mr. Robotto”

The Hay Bar Is Open

Whew, I have trained a lot of people and been in a lot of meetings and written a lot of job aids. I feel like Super Traininggirl. I am so glad I have a job I like and feel good at. After work, I got in my usual two hours of chores/exercise, but the good … Continue reading “The Hay Bar Is Open”

Who’s a Pretty Chicken?

I’ll tell you what, Peeper, the one we hatched from a chick, has blossomed into a great beauty. She’s almost full grown, and could start laying in February. She inherited a lot of shiny feathers from her dad, Bruce. Some of the ones on her wings are bluish, while the rest glow green. She also … Continue reading “Who’s a Pretty Chicken?”

Fine. All Fine.

Gosh, folks, I’m too tired to write. It was a busy and fun day, though, and since I’m trying to write every day in January, I need to say something. I had a fun lesson with Drew today, after he violently rejected a blanket and pooped all over it. I learned lots of new skills … Continue reading “Fine. All Fine.”

Horse Heaven!

Blog readers know that I’ve been struggling with my goofy and issue-filled Paint horse. He gets better, he gets worse, I do better, I do worse. He goes lame, he feels better, he gets adhesions, Trixie works on him… …and by gosh, he gets better. Last weekend was a big step. I’ve been doing what … Continue reading “Horse Heaven!”

Poo on Pandemics

It’s been a rough week over at my house, with half the occupants down and out from the coronavirus, and the rest of us staying home, since we weren’t sure if we were asymptomatic but sick or not. It’s made me really glad we got some flowers last time I was at the grocery store, … Continue reading “Poo on Pandemics”

Blue Screen Day

No day is great when the first thing you see is a bright blue screen on the new laptop you’ve only had two months. And yes, that’s what greeted me this morning, when I came down thinking I had 2.5 hours to work on training stuff. Instead, I spent 2.4 hours on a tech support … Continue reading “Blue Screen Day”

Miss T Insists on Attention

Today was simply heartwarming. This is why I love horses so much. Trixie was coming today to work on Apache’s feet, which I’d forgotten to have done on schedule. So, she rushed over during my lunch hour to take care of it. Trixie started working on Apache and his issues. There was T, watching so … Continue reading “Miss T Insists on Attention”

Learning Fun for All

Today, Sara came with Aragorn in her trailer and picked up me and Apache. I was so grateful to be able to get in a much-needed lesson. We ended up having such a good and educational time, we decided to do it again next week. We had no trouble at all getting Apache in or … Continue reading “Learning Fun for All”

How’s the Dog?

We’ve been asked that a lot today. Thank you to all who have expressed care and love for Harvey and the other dogs after the unpleasant incident yesterday. We were happy to see him drinking water and making it out to pee last night and today. He didn’t want to eat, though, which had us … Continue reading “How’s the Dog?”

Not a Good Day to Be Harvey

Things can go downhill really fast when you have seven dogs with seven different personalities. Just last night, Goldie and Carlton played and played and played. Goldie would put her entire mouth around Carlton’s neck, and Carlton would gleefully gnaw on Goldie’s jowls. They invited each other to play with a toy and just had … Continue reading “Not a Good Day to Be Harvey”

More Horse Stuff

There’s always a surprise around here. Today’s surprise was a horse I didn’t know in my pens this morning. I knew that someone had come back last night after I went to bed, because the dog alarm went off. But I didn’t know who. It turned out to be the nephew and the stock trailer. … Continue reading “More Horse Stuff”

Just Us and the Dogs

With our housemates at their other house for Thanksgiving and Anita off to house sit for a while, Lee and I have the ranch to ourselves. But we aren’t alone. I thought I was earlier today, but then I realized I was surrounded by 6 sleeping dogs. I took a panoramic picture. They take turns … Continue reading “Just Us and the Dogs”

Thankful for Each Other

Since today is a day to be grateful for your family and friends, I’m going to share some joyful photos and leave it at that. Now that we have a fence all the way around the house, the dogs can frolic and we can watch them from the front porch without worrying about them running … Continue reading “Thankful for Each Other”

Ranchin’ Time

I had fun today getting reacquainted with the ranch and its inhabitants. I sure was glad to see that Peeper, the only chick we ever got past babyhood, is still peeping and growing. She has her comb coming in, and she looks like a darker version of her mom. The dogs were glad to see … Continue reading “Ranchin’ Time”

Hitting the Deck at Breck

It was more like hitting the sidewalks, but I wanted the post title to rhyme. Anyway, yes, on my fourth day here in Breckenridge, Colorado, I finally made it to the scenic downtown. It’s an interesting contrast to Vail, where we were last Saturday. Vail was sort of like Disney World for physically fit adults. … Continue reading “Hitting the Deck at Breck”

Bye-Bye Bobcat

Dateline: Austin. Today was sorta hard in a few ways. For one, I worked on so many things that my head was spinning, plus I was trying to get packed for my next condo stay. Because of that, today’s brief visit with Anita was my last time in Bobcat when I own it. And, whoa, … Continue reading “Bye-Bye Bobcat”


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