Plant Life

This is me and two of the dogs, “helping” collect plant samples in our woods. Photo by Laura.

There’s no way I can list all the plants we have here. Part of the ranch is Post Oak Savannah, while some of it’s Blackland Prairie, or was, before this area became ranches and farms.  There’s some prime farmland here, and most of it’s been planted with coastal bermuda grass. But, because the owners for the past decade or more have been managing it organically, we have more and more native plant life every year.

The List

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Monique Reed, from the SM Tracy Herbarium at Texas A&M. I wrote a post about how some of my fellow Master Naturalists and I helped her collect plant samples in April 2018. She sent me list of what she found. No common names here, I’m afraid, but real plant folks will find it interesting!It was great to add over 50 plants to the collection at the herbarium.

I do plan to make a list of plants we have here, but until then, here are some pictures I’ve taken lately.

Indian blanket