Awesome Tarot Reading – Maybe We’ll Be Okay?

Hey. I’ve got to tell you ALL a big thanks for reading yesterday’s post and providing such positive and healing feedback. I feel much less alone, and am ready to go forth and find awe in the world around me again. Yep, that’s today’s word.

It’s not hard at all for me to find awe. Very often I am stopped in my tracks, just in awe of how the Universe works and the gifts we receive if we just pay attention. That’s why I put my altar in my Instagram post of the day. I’ve carefully put little reminders of things that tie me to the rest of creation, things I admire, and gifts I’ve received from the Universe.

My altar is on a shelf in the bookcase in MY room at the Hermits’ Rest house.

I’ve got art by people I admire depicting the mysteries (look at that big ole Persephone hole at far right), symbols of religious traditions I admire (Ganesha, Buddha, a dark godddess, and a St. Brighid’s cross you can’t see. There are crystals, including my beloved labradorite heart and a flint rock from my previous house. In front is my wand that I made from an ash branch back when I was in a spiritual circle in Urbana, Illinois. Well, you get it, a bunch of symbols that matter to me and reflect what I’m in awe of. The lady in the photo is Deb Frueh. She is someone whose guidance has helped me more than she realizes, and who understands so much more than I do about the things we can’t always see with our eyes.

Same picture, but it shows what I said on the Instagram.

That Tarot Reading

I did promise you a tarot reading. I don’t often do these for myself, but the cards were still sitting there from a reading I did last week, and I actually had a question I could use some guidance on. So, I did this:

Celtic cross with significator underneath, using Babylonian Tarot.

My question was about the Current Situation, as I call it. I asked how we are doing now and whats a likely outcome.

I am comforted by this reading. I have decided that since the parts about the current situation seem accurate, I’ll just go ahead and be happy with the sunny outcome.

NOTE: These are just my interpretations, and others may see something completely different in this reading. If you do, share! I love to see how different people interpret the same set of cards.

When I do a reading, I first look at the gestalt of what all the cards tell me. It’s easier with my familiar Robin Wood deck, but if I have one at the ranch, it’s hiding, so I found this nice little Babylonian Tarot deck to use instead, since it’s traditional enough I can follow it. So, I first looked at this and said to myself that while the immediate situation is icky as heck, I have a good set of surroundings, and things actually will turn out okay.

Then I said, wow look at all those wands, fire and suns (it’s easier to see suns in Robin Wood’s deck, since she is so kindly literal in her images, so I’ll show those below). It just jumped out at me that things will get better once it warms up and the sun comes out (still cold and raining here, by the way). Don’t laugh, I know this sort of sounds like the miracle cure the US President talked about, but I’m not taking it literally, even though warmer weather has been known to help end winter flu outbreaks.

I also saw the emotional and energetic support I need; the crossing card is the 2 of Cups, which is love, which I’m seeing as the love of our whole society for each other as a bridge to getting through this time. And look at the top card, which is the 4 of Wands; it reminds me that my family’s support will us get through this time and be able to celebrate.

Now for More Details

Suna, bringer of knowledge.

The significator (card I drew to represent myself) is the Page of Pentacles. She looks just like me in Robin Wood, and she is someone bringing a message of stability, so I think it works. I am telling everybody it will be okay! You can click on an image to see it larger, by the way.

I will save you!

The card that represents the question at hand interests me a lot. It’s the Knight of Wands. I wondered at first if he represented the virus, but then I realized that he symbolizes the way out, which is really what I’d asked about. He’s all full of fire, energy, and rapid action. He’s come to rescue us all. Way to go, Knight.

Working together.

As I mentioned before, he will be helped by the 2 of Cups, which is the love, friendship and balance around us. That comforts me a lot. Love is what we need and will help us get through the Current Situation.

Making a pretty house.

Over in the past is one very accurate card, the 3 of Pentacles. That’s the working from home card, as far as I am concerned. I’m doing my best to do good work, even if I’m working on stuff that doesn’t take too much concentration or creativity. And we are trying to be artisans over at the renovation. Maybe it’s suggesting I should knit more.

Its not all bad.

Down there at the bottom in the “to build on” position is the 4 of cups. That’s me, you, and everybody being sad about what we’ve had to give up in this situation, and perhaps not paying enough attention to the things that are still good. It reminds me to remember my family, my amazingly supportive friends, and all the kindnesses going on in the world right now.

Party time in the community.

Like I mentioned earlier, above us is the 4 of Wands, another card of fire and energy. It’s doing to take energy and a positive attitude to get through this, and when we do, we will get some kind of reward/party/good thing. Who knows what that’s gonna be, but it’s nice to think about. I did note that I got two number fours. They are usually the downers, though Wands is not.

Happy baby, sun, sunflowers, escape!

The near future card is one of the sunny ones. Well, it’s the sunniest of sunny ones, the Sun! It’s like the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar! It’s the happiest Major Arcana card and a strong indicator that there will be better times coming, that troubled times will end. Plus, it’s a SUN.

Poor, pitiful us.

Now for the right side of the reading. At the bottom is me right now. More like yesterday, but pretty accurate in a general sense. There is the 5 of Pentacles. It’s the boo-hoo poor me card of the tarot deck. Woe and misery and all that. But, even in this card there’s a hint of brightness. The miserable folks just need to turn around and support each other, and they’ll see the way out. So, I should do the same.

He is dead, Jim.

The folks around me aren’t faring much better, either. This is worse than the boo-hoo card, it’s the swords stabbing you over and over and over card! The 10 of Swords is the card that says you’re about as dead as you’re gonna get, so there’s no choice but to get better. I think it accurately reflects how people are feeling all over the world, though I’m not sure we’ve got the last arrow in us yet.

We are back!

But, the sun comes out in the hopes and fears position in a big, fiery way. It’s Judgment. There’s the phoenix rising from the ashes! More fire! More heat! That’s what we are all hoping for, to get through this time and start again. Things may be different, but we may well be stronger, like the phoenix lady. Maybe we’ll have a renaissance of some kind.

We are the champions! Of the world!

And finally, look at the outcome card. It’s the 6 of Wands, which means triumph, winning, success, and a good outcome to whatever the issue is. And that guy in Robin Wood has a SUN on his flag! I’m encouraged that we will come out of this all with a victory. I don’t know what KIND of victory, but it makes me feel like all the stuff we are doing right now is worth it, and that we are on the right path.

If you’re one of my tarot-reading friends, what have you seen? I may try another one with the deck young Harley Spencer made, with a different question, in the next day or two. I just wanted to do something with a somber deck for my somber question of the day.

And hey, if cards aren’t your thing, you can just ignore this. Everybody gets guidance from somewhere, and I’ve always found that looking at the metaphorical images in the cards helps me focus my mind on what’s in there, but perhaps not clearly.

Author: Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall

The person behind The Hermits' Rest blog and many others. I'm a certified Texas Master Naturalist and love the nature of Milam County. I manage technical writers in Austin, help with Hearts Homes and Hands, a personal assistance service, in Cameron, and serve on three nonprofit boards. You may know me from La Leche League, knitting, iNaturalist, or Facebook. I'm interested in ALL of you!

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