Soupy Day

I’m mulling over some thoughts right now, but am in an uncharacteristically frazzled state. It’s been that way all day!

I need to just sit here and not move, even to put away the stray Halloween decoration.

Every errand and small work task I did got wonky. At least I retrieved my remotes I’d left in my rental car before vacation. But I set the GPS to go to the wrong Enterprise office.

I tried to save time and money and make some special gifts for Christmas, but it turned out the woman at the store had not put them together. And didn’t know how. After ruining two presents, I brought all the parts home. Now I’m not saving much time. But they will be done right.

I took a moment to focus on my selenite, my pod, and the wood carving. Ommm.

I took my car in for service and picked Lee’s up. I managed to get turned around in downtown Austin. Then when I finally got home, Lee’s remote for our garage was dead, and I got all hung up in our weird driveway.

Thankfully, Anita drove to the grocery store.

I’m now cooking some weird soup, because when we got home, it turned out we did not have the hatch chili sauce the pork stew I planned to make required. I’m sure we can eat it, but I shall not post the recipe!

Yep. It’s a LOT of soup.

Deep thoughts will come tomorrow!

Author: Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall

The person behind The Hermits' Rest blog and many others. I'm a certified Texas Master Naturalist and love the nature of Milam County. I manage technical writers in Austin, help with Hearts Homes and Hands, a personal assistance service, in Cameron, and serve on three nonprofit boards. You may know me from La Leche League, knitting, iNaturalist, or Facebook. I'm interested in ALL of you!

2 thoughts on “Soupy Day”

  1. That soup looks great. Whenever I make a meal that is (ah-hem) something less than I would have liked but it’s edible food, I always remark that I may never make it again, but it was edible and I am no longer hungry so it served its purpose. I hope your soup was somehow way better than that, but if not, that you were at least no longer hungry. 😉

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