Productivity Level = Zero

Today I had lots of time to work on my blogs. However, my darn keyboard decided to stop working a couple of days ago. That means I have to type on my laptop which is nowhere near my actual screen. I cannot blog this way.

The “n” key has been broken for months. But I liked this keyboard.

I ordered a new keyboard on Tuesday. It was scheduled to come yesterday. I waited and waited and waited and visited the poor receptionist many, many times. But no keyboard.

I left for home around 10 minutes until 5 PM. Would you like to guess what time the keyboard arrived? That would be 4:52 PM. I’m annoyed.

I, too, say GRRR about lots of stuff.

I am shaking my fist once again. But this time, Elizabeth Warren is doing it for me. She’s coming to work with me today, because Jen asked me to bring her. She will join Ruth Bader Ginsburg in being annoyed at all the stuff.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post that I dictated on the phone. That was an interesting experiment. Now I really DO write just like I talk.

Back to your regularly scheduled grumpy Suna.