Sure, We Will Take More Chickens

Since the current bunch of five hens plus Bruce have remained stable since last year, I feel safe to bring in some company for them in our big ole run. So, we headed down to Bird and Bee Farm and got 6 pullets about ten weeks old.

Bruce lays his eyes on his new little ladies.

They are pretty young, close to the age the chicks we hatched would be if they hadn’t mysteriously disappeared. I enjoy watching them grow, and I feel more confident in their housing now.

We have chicken wire on the feeder, because we saw

So, what did I get this time? Ones that lay different colored eggs and one that’s plain cute. I haven’t named them all. Shocked? I know!

This is a regular laying hen, a Buff Orpington.
She has such white feet!

Next is Babette. She’s a rare fancy French Faverolle chicken. She has five, rather than four, toes under those feathery feet.

Fluffy Babette.

Now for the colorful ones. This one is a real Auracana, not a hybrid Americauna. I took a picture of the wrong label, sigh. We hope she lays blue eggs. Also she is lovely.

So pretty and sleek.

Now this one is cute as heck. One of my coworkers called it the Billy Idol chicken. So that one already has a name. That head! That face! she sort of looks like a roadrunner to me.

Where am I?

Billie is a Brabanter, a breed I never heard of. She’s the smallest and has already tried to escape through the holes in the fencing. Luckily she is chunky.

I’ll eat the apple later.


Next is this beauty. She’s a new breed, the Whiting True Blue. They are supposed to lay blue eggs, too. I had a choice of dark or light ones. I chose this, because she’s lovely.

I feel pretty.
True Blue dancing!

This last pullet may look like a boring black Australorp or something. But, no. She’s an exotic hybrid called the Midnight Majesty Maran. She will lay extra dark brown eggs and will have deep brown undertones from her Copper Maran heritage.

She doesn’t have foot feathers, which I like, because they stay wet and muddy a lot.

The other chickens are very curious about the new teenagers. They will be separated quite a while, so the young ones can eat their chick feed.


I have a few more things to add to their pen, but they seem happy now. I’m happy, too.