Have Mercy. We’re Doing Our Best

For some reason, I seem to do worse blogging about these “churchy” words like grace and mercy than I do with stuff like rain. But today I got mercy. All I’ve got done so that we all deserve some mercy right now, from each other and our spiritual leaders.

Hmm, I don’t think this is the right holiday.

Oh yeah, Palm Sunday greetings to my Christian friends.

Now I’ll tell you about the mercy I received today, which was that kind Easton saw me struggling to build our new patio furniture for the balcony at the Pope house. He made all four chairs in the time it took me to make two tables. How merciful.

Little rocking chairs. And a tiny table.

I did manage to build rolling drawers and a filing cabinet for my office all by myself. When Chris gave me an electric screwdriver I sped up.

I need help getting the drawers in. But I built it!

I got matching bookcases for my office and Lee’s. They still need to get built, and will require two people. We must be getting close to move-in time if I’m building furniture!

Drawers already in use holding my printer.

So, I’m looking for stories about mercy, if you have any, because I’m all out of stories. I do like patio furniture, though.

It looks like a room.