Game Cams Are Fun, as Are Calves

I may have mentioned that we got a game cam to check on what was attacking the birds. We finally got it going and ran it for a few days.

This shows me and Kathleen sneaking up on the chickens.

I have to say I’m impressed with the quality of the pictures you get. I didn’t save many, but I’ll get more tomorrow. The fun ones are giant chicken heads and flying/stretching. Look at Gray Greta!

Look at my wingzzzz!
Wow. This is late at night.

We did get one intruder.

Chris checking for skunks at 9:14 pm. Eek!

You can see they all line up on one branch. Actually most night photos show Bruce on patrol. Good Bruce. I’ll get more to share later. But aren’t the photos good?


Little Rip

I was glad to see our skinny baby bull calf made it through last night. He slept a lot today, but perked up enough to play with Gracie a bit.


Like with a human baby, early poops and pees are important. He got in the groove this evening and peed three times. That means he’s hydrated.

A calf has to go when he has to go.

The poor fellow is still a bit unsteady on his legs, so getting up or down is hard.

I was trying to lie down, but I think I’ll get back up.

He really has long legs. Kathleen spends as much time as she can with him, and he is bonding well.

Rip’s shelter.

She even made him a little shade house. Soon he will have a nice place to live, so he will be fine. Can’t wait until he meets Fiona.

I gots spindly legs.

Chickens Are a Lot Like Cats

Allow me to share some bird portraits, along with some brief observations. Chickens really remind me of cats.

Example chickens. Bruce, Hedy, Springsteen, and Patty in the rear.

How? Well, they like to chase things and pounce on them. For chickens, it’s bugs.

Fancy Pants, a Cochin hen, in pursuit.

They also like to rest all curled up with their feet under them (I can’t get a photo of this, because they get up when I approach).

Bertie Lee, a barred rock, is brave. She’s not afraid of her shadow nor me. One day she flew right up to me to get to a bag of treats I had.

The main reason chickens remind me of cats, though, is that their owners find them incredibly cute and fascinating, even though they only have one rather vacant facial expression.

Hedy, an Ancona hen. She says she likes her look and she’s sticking with it.

They all just give you a dinosaur stare.

Ginger is our egg factory, an ISA Brown. She’s also very friendly, even with those dinosaur eyes.

Like cats, they come in many colors but are hard to tell apart. To me, all striped or black cats look the same. Apologies to cat lovers who see many expressions in their kitties.

The good thing about Easter Eggers, like Bruce, is they all look different. Thank goodness. One of him is plenty.

Oh! Let me interject that Kathleen got the game camera working, and it ran last night. I hope all we see is chickens and maybe cows.

The game cam is camouflage, so it’s invisible, right?

I’m glad the guineas are free now. They are so dang fast that they can now escape any attacker.

We lived! And we are fast. These are the Gray One and the Brown One. Trying not to get attached.

Nonetheless, the chickens entertain me a lot. I loved watching them eat popcorn and cantaloupe last night. And the guineas learned to eat from my hand!

Bruce looks pretty funny with his head in the feeder, too.

Cats are easier to care for and less likely to be eaten by owls or raccoons, but since I can’t have cats (Lee has an allergy), I’ll enjoy these ladies and gentlemen.

Another view of Hedy. Same expression. But what an attractive bird.