Exploring an Old Ranch

This morning I woke up after a great sleep, and went in another direction at the Red Corral Ranch (its old name). We’d seen some interesting sort of ruined things behind our house, so I set out in the cool air to check it out. It’s sure pretty in the Texas Hill Country!

This broom flower in the foreground attracts so many bees it sounds like a symphony. In back are live oaks and cedar elm.

First I found the barbecue area. It looks like they fixed it up recently.

This area must have been beautiful once! Obviously someone went to a lot of work here at one point. Right near the barbecue was what looked like a foundation or something.

See, it’s pretty.

I went up to the other edge and looked in. It was an old swimming pool! A very old one. Now it holds trash, sumac and liatris.

Can you see the blue paint?

Crazy, huh? I really enjoy the terrain here. It’s a lot of karst. That means the topsoil barely covers the underlying limestone. It’s fun to look at all the rocks.

This is a wash, so all the limestone is exposed.

There are lots of fossils and quartz geodes in the stone. Check out what they did in the fireplace!

So, I guess I’m having fun! Hooray! More on plants soon.